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Recommendations to PR specialists regarding the coronavirus pandemic

Recommendations of the CEO of Khisam Communications Taufik Khisamov to PR-specialists in connection with the coronavirus pandemic
What needs to be done to prepare your company for possible problems, minimize losses and protect yourself
A rapidly changing situation amid news of the spread of coronavirus, severe restrictive measures by the authorities have already led or will lead to serious business losses. In these difficult circumstances, PR-specialists need to act quickly to avoid serious economic consequences, which may cost, including, their heads. As you know, in a crisis period, marketing and PR expenses are primarily reduced. What, nevertheless, needs to be done to prepare your company for possible problems, minimize losses and protect yourself?

Prepare a step-by-step action plan for the crisis, develop a basic strategy. The main thing is not to panic, keep calm and cold mind, do not think about losses, focus on the positive. Your task is to help your organization and for this you need a bright mind, avoid emotional chaotic actions that can only aggravate the situation. First of all, write down the current problems, think about their solutions. Highlight key areas for focus and take action.

Monitoring and analysis of the situation
Provide tracking and maximum control of the information field. Under ordinary conditions, a PR specialist must keep abreast, and in times of crisis, provide increased attention to any mention of the organization, competitors, the regulator, etc. Viral dissemination of information can create force majeure conditions, where the subsequent reaction will not save the situation. Enter hourly / daily monitoring and analyze the information received.

The target audience
Segment the target audience, highlight the key core that brings the maximum profit to the organization, focus on its support. On the other hand, a crisis is a new opportunity, changing environmental conditions can open up completely new markets and distribution channels. The knowledge and competencies of a PR specialist in building relationships with clients can be life-saving for the organization, so take a fresh look at your audience.

Communication channels
Interact with the target audience in a convenient way. You need to determine the needs and capabilities of your customers and switch to those communication channels that are comfortable for your customers. Create groups on social networks, chats in instant messengers, hold a zoom-party, discuss problems, empathize with your customers, offer convenient communication and support formats.

Broadcast Messages
Do not skimp on the news, make yourself known to your consumers. They want to be sure that you are still afloat, or at least that the situation is under your control and you are taking steps. Inaction is the worst that maybe people can forgive defeat, but they will never forgive the lack of any effort on your part. Inspire investors and company employees, support your customers, diversify communication channels.
“The main thing is to keep calm, if you feel stressed, as WHO writes, this is normal. If you need professional help from an expert, you can always seek advice from our agency and we will surely find a solution to your problem,” said Taufik Khisamov.

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