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Digital Marketing

Our Digital team helps clients understand the world of the Internet to build effective communications in order to maximize the return on investment in marketing. Experts of the agency are blessed with all competencies and innovative tools to achieve the client's goals.


We offer:

  • Maintaining (SMM) pages in social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others;
  • Creation and promotion of groups/channels in Telegram/WhatsApp/Viber;
  • Monitoring of social media;
  • Involving video bloggers and online communities;
  • Creation of special projects and competitions for promotion in the Internet environment;
  • Creation of websites and SEO promotion;
  • Organization of webinars and online conferences;
  • Media planning and advertising on the Internet;
  • Creation of video, text and graphic-content.
Technology PR

Khisam Communications is one of the best agencies specializing in the promotion of Technology companies in Central Asia and the CIS. Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience working with international Tech companies, the agency is the organizer of the best PR seminars in the Tech industry with leading companies and the media. We are experts and authors of the most popular group in Facebook "PR in Tech", as well as the organizers of the PR in Tech Award.


We offer:

  • Preparation of information materials, high-quality technical translation of texts;
  • Initiation of publications in Tech media, as well as business press;
  • Monitoring and analytics;
  • Work with media and bloggers;
  • Development of a product and company promotion strategy;
  • Digital promotion, as well as managing groups in social networks;
  • Organization of events for the press and bloggers.


Our experience and expertise will allow your company to succeed, because the result is important for us. A client-oriented approach and knowledge of the specifics of tech PR makes our agency the leader in this segment.  


We worked with leading companies in the Tech industry: Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Brother, Kyocera, Motorola, Microsoft, Samsung, IMAX, Symantec, ZTE, HARMAN, IMAX, eBay, LinkedIn, Juniper, Fluke, Plantronics, Qualcomm, Creative Labs etc.

PR for Startups
Our tech startup clients regularly appear in publications like Forbes, Inc, TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and WSJ, but we think PR for startups involves more than media placements. Startup PR needs to be backed by a thoughtful approach that matches your goals of acquiring users, closing new business or gaining visibility with investors.
A new business, which is just gaining momentum, to announce itself, attract investors and consumers, requires a lot of information support. Publications in the media generate interest in potential customers for business and contribute to raising awareness of the company and its products.  
Understanding the specifics of media communications, we try to approach as closely as possible the problems of young entrepreneurs by offering them an effective information strategy within the framework of a special half-year package of services "PR for Startup", the effect of which will bear fruit in the subsequent stages of the development of the young company. 
Corporate PR
Event management
Analyst Relations

In the work of PR specialist, the analyst includes several areas: on the one hand, it is a set of actions aimed at studying information for making subsequent decisions; on the other hand, working with those who accumulate this information, analyze, process, and then share with public - analysts.

The importance of their activities is determined by a variety of factors, the key of which is the influence of analysts on the perception by customers and potential investors of companies in the market. The shares of the organization may lose their attractiveness in a moment after the publication of the Gartner report, where the vendor will be poorly represented or not at all. Therefore, all self-respecting IT companies, especially those on the Fortune 1000 list, have a specialist in communications with analysts in the state and spend quite a bit of time and money to form a positive opinion on their company from the leading international and independent analytical agencies.  
Khisam Communications is one of the best agencies specializing in the promotion of IT companies and technology products in Russia and the CIS. We perfectly know the specifics of the work of analytical agencies, actively interact with the leading of them: Gartner, IDC, Forester, J'son & Partners Consulting, GFK, PMR, ITResearch and CNews Analytics.  
For companies we offer:
  • Market analysis, segmentation with focus on communication strategy;
  • Interaction with leading analytical agencies;
  • Participation in specialized reports and events;
  • Preparation of information materials, high-quality technical translation of texts;
  • Working with media and bloggers in disseminating analytical materials;
  • Our experience and qualifications will allow your company to succeed, because for us the result is important.
Personal Consulting

Taufik Khisamov is a leading expert in the field of marketing communications and PR, head of the Khisam Communications agency. A specialist with 15 years of experience in implementing PR campaigns in Central Asia, the CIS, Russia, Europe and the USA for global technology companies and start-ups.

Forbes columnist, author of educational courses on PR.

Taufik Khisamov has successfully implemented a number of projects for international and local companies from various industries in the B2B and B2C segments.

Member of IPRA (International Public Relations Association). Member of the jury of the international award in the field of marketing E + Awards, international expert of the Marketing Association of Uzbekistan.

Its customer portfolio includes leading companies in their industries: Hewlett Packard, Kaspersky, Motorola, Microsoft, Samsung, IMAX, Symantec, ZTE, HARMAN, IMAX, eBay, LinkedIn, Juniper, Fluke, Plantronics, Qualcomm, Creative Labs, Ozon, Oracle, Pfizer , Nival, Kia, Turkish Airlines, Innotech, Ministry of Tourism of Uzbekistan, etc.


- Personal consultations on PR;
- Media training for top managers;
- Coaching for press services;

To sign up for a consultation, write to Telegram: @KhisamComm

PR in Central Asia

We are the leading communications agency in Central Asia, which specializes in PR support for international and local companies in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

We help our clients to effectively build relationships with local markets, build relationships with the media, attract partners and customers, hold large-scale conferences and forums.

We have implemented projects for: Acer, Innotech, Ippon, Kaspersky, Oracle, Ozon, etc.

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