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Kaspersky and Angara launched a service against cyber attacks in Russia

The partnership between Kaspersky and the Angara Professional Assistance provider resulted in the launch of a defense against targeted attack service that can detect and respond to complex threats - ACR Services EDR and antiAPT.

Client Tasks
Organize and hold a press conference with the announcing of partnership and launch of a new product;

To highlight the announcement and plans of the company in business and IT media;


Our decision
Targeting the project’s audience, creating a database of relevant media, preparing news stories, writing press materials, and active communication with journalists.


How it was
The agency’s team prepared a strategy, determined the target media and the form for presenting information. Information on the founding speakers was worked out, informational materials were prepared, press materials were sent out, followed by publication initiation. Throughout the entire period, constant communication with journalists was carried out, answers to requests were prepared, all the necessary information was distributed, including personal invitations and telephone calls.


As a result of the work done, the event was attended by 30+ journalists from leading IT and business publications, more than 50 issues in the federal media were initiated, 6 interviews were organized with Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Company, ITWeek, Comnews, AntiMalwareс, etc. Separately, we can single out the interview on RBC TV and in Vedomosti.

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